Ali Jackson “Bring the World Home”

Ali Jackson Brings the World Home In his first Detroit Jazz Festival performance as a bandleader since 1993 master percussionist Ali Jackson is set to electrify his hometown with an epic set that will reflect the artistic gems and cultural treasures gathered throughout his 25-year musical journey around the world. Jackson who immediately became one of the world’s most sought-after young jazz drummers upon graduation from Detroit’s Cass Technical High School returns home in a featured performance on August 31st at 3pm at the Detroit Jazz Festival. “It all started for me right here in Detroit ” said Jackson a homegrown virtuoso who made his Detroit Jazz Festival debut at eight years old with his late father legendary bassist and educator Ali Muhammad Jackson Sr. “…I’ve grown so much as an artist and I can’t wait to share all of the styles and musical ideas I have absorbed. This is going to be a really special performance.” As principal percussionist and drum chair for the acclaimed Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra for over a decade Ali was the heartbeat for Wynton Marsalis and the JLCO and performed with nearly every major jazz artist of his era. Jackson now regarded as a living master of the modern drum set has performed on over 200 albums and played more than 5 000 concerts. His musical leadership on the bandstand his distinctive style and his unassailable technical prowess has defined the new standard for modern drumming. He is a prolific composer arranger and producer and his work is known for its unique ability to transcend genre and evade narrow categorization. Jackson recently composed a multitude of long-form works including the acclaimed ballet r-Evolution Dream which was commissioned by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Jackson said his show will span the tradition of the after-hours blues to the Sunday sanctified church service to the march of the American civil war and its evolution to the drum cadences of the HBCU marching bands in the South. “I plan to transport the audience from a western symphonic classical context to a Rhumba in Havana Cuba and then immerse everyone in music inspired by my time spent living in southern France ” said Jackson. The Ali Jackson Brings the World Home performance at the Detroit Jazz Festival will feature long-time friends and collaborators Dan Nimmer Carlos Henriquez Vincent Gardner Hope Boykin and Andrew Daniels
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