Celebrating a Detroit Master; The Music Of George Benson

Even though he went to a better place in March of this year, George Benson’s contributions to Detroit and the world of jazz will resonate for generations. In addition to being the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation’s 2017 Jazz Legacy Artist, George’s music won many awards and captured the hearts and admiration of patrons and musicians of all ages. A true musical hero!

George served as mentor for decades teaching privately from his home, the Detroit Saxophone Center, and on faculty in the Wayne State University Jazz Program. He shared his singular knowledge of jazz theory, vocabulary and artistry with hundreds of students — many of whom have gone on to develop preeminent careers as jazz artists. On this set, George’s disciples and colleagues join together to present new arrangements of George’s beautiful original compositions. Even if you knew George well, you may not have heard the depth and elegance of his compositional work.

Join us for this special Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation tribute to a Detroit Jazz Saxophone Master, George Benson. Artists: Rick Margitza, Chris Collins, Russ Miller, Dwight Adams, Edward Gooch, Buddy Budson, Dan Kolton, and Sean Dobbins perform Sat. 8/31, 5:45-7:00 Absopure Waterfront Stage

August 31, 2019 5:45 pm Saturday, 8/31 | Absopure Water Front Stage
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