Born Frank Randall III, OVACiiR pronounced (ova-see-er) grew up in a tight-knit family on the shores of Thread Lake in Flint, Michigan. He taught himself how to play drums at the age of 5, studied piano at the age of 7, and by the age of 9 had added bass, electric guitar and keyboards to his talents. It was about that time OVA took an interest in jazz, soaking up everything from the virtuoso piano playing of Oscar Petersen, to the jazz fusion of Roy Ayers and Herbie Hancock. “Trendsetters always go outside the boundaries,” says OVA about his legendary predecessors, “and that’s what I try to do too. Predictability is the enemy of creativity.”

OVA’s awakening to jazz was further enhanced by his father’s Frank Randall, Jr. devotion to the craft, which had been a fixture in the Flint jazz scene for over 50 years. Watching his father’s band “The Four Gents” rehearse in their living room and observing his dad’s passion, focus and desire had a deep impact on OVA’s approach to music and life. “He was the real deal,” OVA says fondly. “He was married over 50 years, raised four kids and played up to the very end of his journey in 2007. Being able to play at the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival has not only been a goal of mine but I am caring my father’s legacy with me.

From his early days in Flint to the jazz scene of Los Angeles OVA immersed himself in the local music scene. With the creation of his own label, Silent Warrior Productions, he released his first independent self entitled solo album “OVACiiR”. Alternating between cool & breezy instrumentals and hot & funky grooves, this album demonstrated OVA’s unbridled range by capturing the mood of jazz while infusing it with hip-hop flare.

With his second independent project “OUTSIDE REALITY”, it masterfully blends the spirit of jazz with the rhythms of soul and funk resulting in a work that sheds labels while allowing listeners to focus on the musicianship and artistry. OVACiiR has just released his third project “ELEVATE YOUR MIND” this album is a must have! OVACiiR promotes that “Music is a Universal Language” and this project speaks fluently to that statement. If talent, desire and dedication are any measure then the Musical Universe is about to get another star.

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