Tottori Jazz “Sand-Dune” Band

Tottori is located in Western Japan along the coast of the Sea of Japan. The prefecture is known for its sand dune. Himiko Kikuchi, pianist, who has played in Tokyo for nearly 20 years from 1970’s came back to her hometown and contributed to develop the music scene in Tottori. She has organized Tottori Jazz Festival from 2011. At this time, Kikuchi asks fine musicians and forms a special band for Detroit Jazz Festival 2019 featuring Aya Takazawa, one of the leading trumpeter in Japan. The band plays some of Takazawa’s compositions from her latest album “Crescent City” recorded in New Orleans. Kengo Nakamura (bass) who used to live in NY and has a great career to play with Wynton Marsalis. Akira Tana (drums) is famous for a band TanaReid with Rufus Reid. Masatsugu Matsumoto is a notable guitar player in Tottori. The all Japanese band will play a famous Japanese folksong “Furusato (it means Sweet Home) ” arranged in jazz by Kikuchi besides her original compositions and some standard songs.
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