Miles De Feyter


Conga player and composer Alberto Nacif and the superlative musicians who make up the sizzling Latin Jazz septet Aguanko have been performing as a band since 2012. Aguanko musicians from the incredibly rich Southeast Michigan/ Detroit music scene have brought to life Nacif’s original music, and all four of their recordings since forming this group have received national and international airplay and superb reviews. These recordings have been played on radio and dance halls world-wide, and have consistently placed well on the JazzWeek charts. The most recent release, “Pattern Recognition”, was in the top 20 for four weeks, and peaked at #16. It was voted into the second round of Grammy voting in 2018, and in the top 58 in the Latin Jazz category for the 61st Annual Grammys!
September 5, 2020 7:05 pm Saturday 9/5 | JPMorgan Chase Soundstage (Ren./Ballroom Cabot)
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