Miles De Feyter

(AK) Squared

The Northwestern University Jazz Small Ensemble is comprised of five students from the Bienen School of Music in Evanston, Illinois who found a lasting connection to study and perform the art form of jazz. The band features alto saxophonist Albert Kuo, tenor saxophonist Austin Klewan, pianist Caelan Cardello, double bassist Jesse Lear, and drummer Tyler Santee.They are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to share the stage with so many other artists and ensembles at this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival. Over the past few years, each member of this ensemble has composed and arranged covers and original compositions pertaining to various jazz styles including Swing, Bebop, Latin, and Afro-Cuban. Through their jazz studies, they have explored the works of many groups and composers including Count Basie, Horace Silver, J.J. Johnson, and Bud Powell. Whether it be during the heat of a live performance or the intensity of a weekly rehearsal, the Northwestern University Jazz Small Ensemble’s unique blend of talents is what creates their fresh and exceptional sound.
September 6, 2020 11:25 am Sunday 9/6 | Absopure Soundstage (42 Degrees N.)
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