Miles De Feyter


Beartrap is made up of musically aspiring young professionals coming from a wide variety of influences. From their first record dedicated to the lineage of Ornette Coleman of free, avant garde to the most recent focusing on compact and tightly orchestrated pop, funk, metal, and groove based music, Beartrap aims to continue the attitude in a reason of what makes jazz so special; cross genre and cultural influences coming together in a palatable and increasingly disciplined art form. Beartrap goes for excellence and has a fun time pushing the boundaries to achieve the upper limits of the individuals in the band, the ensemble, the music they perform, and bring that joy to the audience and other half of the performance. Selections will be announced from the stage, consisting of music from their records and more.
September 6, 2020 4:25 pm Sunday 9/6 | JPMorgan Chase Soundstage (Ren. Ballroom/Cabot)
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