Miles De Feyter

Call Al

The music of Call Al is a blend of Brazilian, Jazz, and Rock in an unconventional environment. The band incorporates typical acoustic and electric instruments with modern digital computer-driven audio looping and sound manipulation performance tools. The band members’ musical chops drive the spontaneous yet seamless integration of the digital and analog worlds, consistent with the adage: “Just play the music”!

The exploration of the guitar-triggered synthesizer has been a lifelong personal quest for Alan Ayoub, and it brings about fresh and rewarding new sonic textures!

The ensemble Call Al is proud to be a “Wholly Made in Detroit” Band!

Get ready to experience this group’s sonic musical journey @ The 41st Annual Detroit Jazz Festival!!

September 7, 2020 6:40 pm Monday 9/7 | Absopure Soundstage (42 Degrees N.)
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