Miles De Feyter

Gayelynn McKinney & McKinney Zone

The McKinney Zone is an ensemble that is influenced by, many different genres of music.
Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Gospel and of course Motown, are just a few of our influences. Most of the music is original music, written by Gayelynn McKinney. You will also hear fresh arrangements of cover songs, by Jill Scott and Bill Withers. This ensemble brings energy, funky grooves and of course head bobbing swing to the bandstand.

Ibrahim Jones lays a wonderful foundation on bass, no matter what the feel. Demetrius Nabors plays colorful, funky and jazzy harmonies on piano. Alex Anest on guitar, has a little rock in his jazz and Rafael Statin brings a little Avant- Garde to his blowing style. Put it all together and what you have is a good musical time, full of swinging funky rockin’ jazz!

September 5, 2020 4:25 pm Saturday 9/5 | Carhartt Soundstage (Ren. Ballroom/Cabot)
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