Miles De Feyter

Joey Alexander Trio

Though Alexander’s original music ranges far and wide stylistically, seamlessly incorporating influences from gospel, Latin music and more, through lines do emerge: a heaven-sent sense of song and form, and a keen ability to generate escalating excitement over the course of a performance. Alexander’s hero and early champion Herbie Hancock is evoked, as are the singable lines of the likes of Pat Metheny and Keith Jarrett. He evinces a similar knack for memorable, enticing tunefulness on a pair of freeform improvisations, “Affirmation I” and “Affirmation III.” Two additional tracks, a cover of Sting’s 1988 hit “Fragile” and Joe Henderson’s classic standard “Inner Urge,” showcase both Alexander’s dynamism as an interpreter and his veneration of masters across genre. As the New Yorker once observed, “He may be young, but he certainly respects his elders.”
September 7, 2020 2:55 pm Monday 9/7 | JPMorgan Chase Soundstage (Ren. Ballroom/Cabot)
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