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Movement II: Detroit Jazz Festival All-Stars Generations Band: Fear and the Fearless Composer: Chris Collins

The Detroit Jazz Festival All-Star Generations Band is comprised of leading Detroit artists
from different generations performing original works and Detroit composers works. The group is
an extension of the mentor-disciple tradition that is woven into the Detroit jazz legacy and the
Detroit Jazz Festival’s mission. Each year select Detroit jazz artists from varied generations are
assembled and led by Detroit Jazz Fest. President and Artistic Director, Chris Collins to present
new repertoire, tour, and export the Detroit sound.
This version of the Detroit Jazz Festival All-Star Generations Band features: Sean Dobbins,
Rodney Whitaker, Wesley Reynoso, Chuck Newsome, Ron Kischuck, Denzel Donald, Donell
Snyder, Walter White and Pepe Espinosa led by Chris Collins.

JUSTICE! Movement II: Fear and the Fearless (aka: Whistling Past The Cemetery) by Chris
Collins—This compositions grapples with the issue of fear and those who confront it. Thus, the
piece has two distinct characters. When faced with fear, we can chose to run, ignore the
inevitable or deny our strongest convictions. Heroes find the strength and courage to confront
fear head-on in the pursuit of truth. While there is no guarantee of success or survival, history
shows, more often than not, we must cross the bridge of fear to arrive at righteousness.

September 4, 2020 7:15 pm Friday 9/4 |Carhartt Soundstage
September 4, 2020 7:30 pm Justice!
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