Miles De Feyter

Naima Shamborguer: Sisters Strings: Roots, Voice & Drums

Sister Strings: Roots, Voice & Drums is an important and exciting event created for the Detroit community. This innovative project is designed to bring an intergenerational and multicultural audience together to experience the history, background, and contributions of Black strings, voice, and percussion to the musical lexicon. Sister Strings: Roots, Voice & Drums introduces compositions and arrangements of Sacred, Blues, and Jazz performed by jazz masters and five Kresge Artist Fellows, including drummer Gayelynn McKinney (2014) bassist Marion Hayden (2016), pianist Pamela Wise (2016), violinist Michelle May (2018), singer Naima Shamborguer, (2020) violist Leslie DeShazor, violinist and vocalist Tia Imani Hanna, and master percussionist Mahindi Masai.
September 6, 2020 7:05 pm Sunday 9/6 | Carhartt Soundstage (Ren. Ballroom/Cabot)
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