Ralphe Armstrong

By the time Detroit bassist Ralphe Armstrong was just 20 years old, his touring and recording accomplishments were beyond what the average musician strives a lifetime to achieve. But then, whether he’s playing bass violin or electric bass guitar, Ralphe Armstrong is not your average musician.

Always a fan of Detroit’s rich music culture, Ralphe was at home as much in the clubs of Detroit as in any stadium abroad. A musician emblematic of Detroit’s diversity of style and capacity of talent, Ralphe Armstrong has always been an ambassador between the Detroit sound and the rest of the world.

These days, with his family grown, Ralphe is back on the international stage playing and recording with an ever impressively diverse cross section of musical genres such as Sting, Roger Daltrey and even Eminem’s group D-12. From jazz to pop and orchestral theater to hip hop, Ralphe has played it all—and always with his signature passion, power and precision.

As Ralphe puts it, “Detroit keeps producing more great musicians than any other place on Earth, and that’s a true story.”

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