The Lighthouse Project is a very new group that is playing the repertoire that Gene Perla and I did with Elvin Jones in the early 70s. People really want to hear intense burning, taking no prisoners, play with balls music. We (and myself very included) think complexity is a necessity. But playing on an A minor chord with some swinging quarter notes from the bass and a ride beat that lifts off the ground does go right to the heart of the matter. And the heart is basic swinging, burning solo statements from everyone for the entire set with music that is conducive to that kind of attitude. The specter of Trane and the Classic Quartet does rise in this regard and after all Elvin was the caboose that drove that engine. What a privilege to have had a minute with Jones back then. It formed the rhythmical basis of my playing for sure. My appreciation to Adam Nussbaum who plays more like Elvin than anyone else on the planet, knowing when to rise, fall, all towards telling the story; to Gates (Gene Perla) for his commitment to every beat and the spirit of this music; and to Jerry Bergonzi who absolutely burns every solo. Great band!

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